Science with Preschoolers: Birds & Eggs

Birds and Eggs

Stacy from Share and Remember is our guest poster today in the 10 Days of Preschool Science series. She showcases what her group observed during their bird and egg unit. Thank you for sharing with us Stacy. :)

If you had asked me if I liked science before I started working with preschoolers, I definitely would have said no! Now, I’d say yes because I love nature and there’s a lot to be learned about science through nature.

Spring marks the return of the birds to Wisconsin, and we see them busy making nests. Every spring we have some robins that build a nest in the shrub out front. So we don’t disturb them, I take pictures to show the kids. I love sharing these magical experiences that are taking place right in our yard!  Here’s a printable photo page to share with your group:

Robin bird eggs

Our favorite bird activity is hatching chicks! Each spring we incubate chick eggs. I bought an incubator at a local farm supply store (about $80 with a rotating tray). I order eggs from a supplier of fertile eggs ($25/2 doz). They are shipped right to our door. When we get them, I put them into the incubator for 21 days. Then they start to hatch! It’s a long wait, but it’s so exciting.

chicken eggs

egg incubator

baby chicks

baby chicks

We keep the chicks until they are about 2 weeks old and then a friend takes them to her farm. We love to play with the chicks while they are here!  Hatching chicks takes a little research and some supplies, but it’s really very easy and it’s such a great learning experience! Email me if you have any questions about hatching chicks in your classroom.

Another great resource is the Decorah Eagle Cam. Have you seen it?  Watch a pair of eagles take care of their eaglets right up close in real time! Amazing!  While watching the eagles, it gave us opportunity to talk about the “eagle eye”, beaks and nests. Look at the size of that nest!

Eagle Nest

Enjoy what’s happening right in your yard this spring!

More bird & egg activities:

Shape Birds Art
Chick Prints
Sponged Painted Chicks

Stacy from Share and Remember
Stacy is a mom to one, Early Childhood Education professional/blogger at Share & Remember, child care provider for many, interior designer, & digital scrapper.

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