Quit Teasing Me!

This weekend made me long for spring to be here. The weather was nice enough for the kids to ride their bikes and be outside longer. The younger two were eager to try out their new Strider bikes that they received for Christmas (you can read more about what a balance bike is by clicking the link above).

DD#3 got a pink Strider and a pink bunny Giro Me2 Bike Helmet to match.

DD#4 got an orange Strider with an orange Duckie Giro helmet to match. I love that for as short as she is, this bike fits her. It is also extremely light-weight which is another plus.

Doesn’t she look cute in her Duckie helmet? She did very well for her first time riding a bike. She still has a little difficulty steering, but that will change with practice.

After playing outside for awhile, I went in and checked the weather report. It said that it was supposed to be an even nicer day out the next day. I told the kids that we’d go to the park and ride bikes there. When we got up in the morning and looked out the window– small snowflakes greeted us. Ummm, I think someone got the forecast wrong! It’s been 2 days of cold weather—winter is back. Those two nice days this weekend were teasing me—making me think that just maybe we’d have a mild winter. I’m ready to be outside and work in my garden. I’m longing for some sunshine instead of these dreary, overcast days. Oh spring, come quickly! :)

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  1. Melinda says

    atleast you took advantage of the time you did have!! I hear you there, I am so sick of snow, shoveling, cold, and ice… come on spring!!

  2. Katie's Nesting Spot says

    Oh my goodness Maureen that last picture with that cutie pie face is sooo adorable I don't know how you stand it. I love chubby toddler cheeks and am sad that ER's are beginning to thin out.

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