Free Printable Nature I Spy Cards

Yesterday I talked about taking a nature walk in your own neighborhood or backyard. We do that often, but we also have found other places in town to explore nature. Our local museum has awesome gardens to walk through– and the best part is that it is just minutes away!

going on a nature walk

With my young children, I have found that it is helpful to have an objective. For this particular nature walk we were looking for animals. How many different animals would we find?

Is this an animal? Nooo… but it sure looks weird! We made a mental note to look it up at home.

going on a nature walk

We’re going on a nature walk and we’re not afraid! Still looking for animals…


Finally! I spy two ducks! There is a drake and a hen. (See, moments like these are great opportunities for introducing vocabulary. I have printable duck vocabulary cards plus more duck-themed activities under letter D in the ABC section.)

I spy a fish

Oh look! Another animal! What is this? Yes, it is a fish! Can you see its fins?

nature walks for all ages

Nature walks aren’t just for little kids either. Can you guess what my older daughters were looking at?


Yes! Frogs! Lots and lots of frogs. Some of the frogs we saw were pretty big!

painted turtle

We also saw at least 5 painted turtles (You can find more turtle printables and activities here.) We thought we’d see more birds, but I think we were a little too noisy. :)

Free Printable Nature I Spy Cards

Free Printable I Spy Cards

My young children have enjoyed our nature I Spy games. Today I have the I Spy: Animal edition available. I’ve also linked to past nature I Spy cards that we’ve used.

Nature I Spy Cards: Animal Edition

 Download the Nature I Spy Cards: Animal Edition

 I Spy: Spring Edition 

I Spy: Winter Edition

I Spy: Fall Edition

More Nature Study Printables

Nature Study Printables for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Do you like the idea of involving young children in nature study but not sure how to start? Do you need a little help being intentional with your nature studies? Nature Study Printables is full of printable tools for you to use to get young children observing and talking about nature!

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  1. Len says

    That is such a great idea! I love them, we often go for walks but it would be so much better to have fun things to find. Thank you for sharing!

  2. ann says

    So love nature walks. We’ve been out today looking for plants, flowers, trees and bugs. We took photos of everything we found, talked about them and plan to make a book with them for our nature project. This gives him chance to google and look into the plants we found that he doesn’t recognise.

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