Preschooler & Playdough

Today is kind of a dreary, humid day. Two of the older kids have special events to attend, but the 3 youngest are here at home getting into things looking for something to do. Thankfully, my almost empty pantry had all the ingredients needed to make homemade playdough!

Ingredients Needed:

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup of water
1 TBSP oil
2 TBSP cream of tartar
1 package of Kool-aid (optional)

Mix all the ingredients together in a pot and cook on medium heat. Stir constantly. You will think that it is not working out, but just when you’re about to second-guess yourself, the dough will form into a ball. Remove from heat at this point. The dough is hot! Wait until it cools to mix in food coloring. I actually mixed in dye-free Kool-aid while making the dough on the stove. I did that so that our playdough would smell good :)

I let my 3 1/2 yr. old help make the dough. I doubled the recipe.

She loved pouring in all the ingredients and was so proud to be making her own playdough. I really need to come up with more kid cooking activities to do with her. She had so much fun.

I went ahead and mixed the food coloring with the dough because I wasn’t sure how messy that would be. It wasn’t too bad. You could start it, and then let the kids really mix it in. At this point you can also add glitter. That sounded like too big of a mess so we opted not to do that :)

For a printable recipe card and lots of playdough links, check out Jimmie’s Playdough article. 

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  1. Jodi says

    I haven't made homemade playdough in years! Thanks for the recipe and the reminder. This will come in handy on those "too hot to play outside" days this summer. :)

  2. Amber says

    I love homemade playdough too! When I was teaching kindergarten (before my kids were born) that was all we used. Also – you can add the food coloring to the water and then cook as usual – cuts down on a step and minimizes the mess!

  3. Tethered Mommy says

    Great recipe! But does the Kool-Aid make littler ones more inclined to eat it? 😉

    Following you from Mingle Monday!

  4. ABC and 123: A Learning Cooperative says

    Thanks for sharing your playdough fun with Show and Tell. I always love trying out new recipes for homemade playdough. I will have to make note of this one.

  5. Whitney says

    Ah, so glad I found this! Question..for the ice cream containers, you said that one batch fits perfectly in the pint containers. Are you considering one batch the recipe measurements or the recipe doubled like you said you did?


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