Build Your Preschool Science Library

One of my favorite topics to share is preschool science activities. Young kids are such enthusiastic learners! One way I like to introduce science concepts is by reading books together. I compiled a list of 10 preschool science books for read-alouds last year and here are a couple more you can add to the list (contains affiliate links):

Preschool Library by Spell Outloud

Spell Outloud Science Book Basket

Today I’m giving one reader all those books listed above plus: 

A Wild Animals Toob — we love to use these Toobs for hands on science activities and pretend play. Sometimes I make sensory boxes with the plastic toys, or other times I let my kids decide how they want to use them. You can use them for sorting, classifying, identification games and more. Here’s how we use the fish-themed Toob: All About Fish.

A $5 gift certificate to one of my favorite online homeschool sites– CurrClick! They have downloadable curriculum and online classes- so there are many ways to use your certificate!  Wondering how CurrClick’s online classes work? Check out a recent review I did: CurrClick Online Classes.

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  1. Kim Soko says

    Great giveaway! We love the Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out books and don’t have any of the ones in the basket! Yay! Plus my daughter loves those small animals! :)

  2. MaChia says

    Excitement is what works for me. This is my second year and I’m excited to get ahead of myself and be prepared.

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