Need a Party Activity? Try Pick and Draw!

This past weekend I had 5 preteens hang at my house for an evening in order to celebrate my 11yr. old daughter’s birthday. One thing I do when having a group of  kids over is to try to have at least 2-3 structured activities available. This helps keep things a little calmer (though with 5 girls, I don’t think it ever got calm! 😉 )

art activity

One activity on our list was to create a custom canvas. Each girl received a blank canvas and a wooden letter. We pulled out the paint and brushes and let them create!

art activity 2

I seriously thought this activity would take at least a half-hour, but the girls blazed through it! (The projects did turn out cute though.)

Pick and Draw to the Rescue!

Pick and Draw art activity

To the rescue– my homeschool closet of games and goodies. Since we needed to fill some time before the pizza came, I pulled out our game of Pick and Draw. Pick and Draw is a great non-competitive game activity– perfect for our party– and it fit in our art theme!


Each participant is given 5 cards- face, nose, eyes, mouth, and hair cards. These are placed face-down in front of each player (or the whole group can draw from the same set of cards.) Flip over the face card and draw the shape on the card. Do the same for the rest of the cards and you end up with a funny cartoon character.

Pick and Draw Party Activity pick-and-draw-1

Look at that face! Yes, there was lots of laughter— and no, they weren’t laughing because someone couldn’t draw– they were laughing because they were having fun! You don’t have to be an artist to play this game. You won’t feel lame because you don’t have drawing skills. Anyone can play! That’s what makes this a perfect party activity. It is not based on skill and it is not competitive. It does allow for creativity, laughter and fun.

Use Pick and Draw for Learning and More


Now this game is more than a time-filler. You can use this on family game night, as part of your art curriculum, writing curriculum and more! The Big Book of Pick and Draw  (which is purchased separately from the game) is filled with ideas from various educational professionals on how to use PAD for learning. Rich also has a whole chapter on how to use Pick and Draw to share the gospel. It is the perfect size to carry along on mission trips. You don’t need to know the language in order to play this game– you just copy the image on the card. It is a great  ice-breaker activity.


Rich Davis, the creator of Pick and Draw is giving me two sets of Pick and Draw to give away to two of you! Of course you can still go ahead and purchase a couple of sets– they make great birthday gifts, OCC shoebox gifts (I’m thinking ahead), a tool to take along on a mission trip or to bless a missionary with, perfect for your classroom or homeschool, great for youth groups and more! They are only $10 and if you buy 3, you get free shipping.

Learn to draw cartoons the fun way!

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents 18yrs. and older. Please see my complete giveaway rules. Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Mandie says

    I can’t remember ever NOT drawing. My mom even kept a piece of a cardboard box that I drew spiders all over when I was 3. I never developed much talent for drawing things, but I did become a Drafter.

  2. says

    I remember drawing an imaginary creature called a wooly-booger and writing a (really awesomely good, my teacher said) poem about it in second grade. :-)

    • Maureen says

      LOL! I wish I could see it. I remember when I was in 1st grade we had to write about something we liked. I can’t remember my story, but I remember that I drew a person with a shadow. My teacher praised me for my artistic accomplishment and from then on everything I drew in 1st grade had a shadow–lol!

  3. says

    I remember coloring at age 3. I never really drew or learned to draw. My kids, however, are very right-brained. They draw, paint, compose music, etc. I lack the art gene I guess. 😛

  4. mommachi says

    I remember being given a pencil or crayons and paper every Sunday from 2 1/2 years old. It was just the trick to keep me still and quiet…. until the crayons fell on the floor :-)

  5. karen says

    My first memory of drawing was with my father who would loved to have been an artist and he would just doodle and draw all kinds of stuff for/with my brother and I. My mother also used to make us our own paper dolls and let us design clothes for them.

  6. Crystal M says

    I apparently loved to draw before I could speak well. My mom has always reminded me of when I wanted to “E on it”, and it took her a while to figure out I wanted to draw / write on it. :) I remember loving to draw in middle school though. I especially loved drawing pics of some of my favorite cartoon characters. Still love to draw and doodle today, just don’t work it in much at all.

  7. says

    Such a fond memory: my very artistic mom would start part of a picture and then add several directions at the bottom. Such as: add children in front of the house or draw a shirt pattern on the boy. So together we drew a picture! And, she usually did it during times I was supposed to be quiet- kept me quiet & I learned to follow written directions! 😉

  8. Tanya Rubezhov says

    I’m learning to draw with my kids right now. Could never draw as a kid. But always wanted to. I remember staring at the sky wishing to be able to capture its beauty somehow on paper, but never tried to actually do it.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  9. says

    I don’t think it was until 7th grade that I really understood the fun of art. I don’t draw much these days, but I do for my kids’ sake! I think this game would be perfect for my 4 and 6 year old!! Would love to get my hands on the game!

  10. Kristin Brutsman says

    I don’t remember learning to draw. I never really cared for it, as I felt I just wasn’t good at it. We have encouraged or children to draw from a very young age and we join with them regardless of our skill.

  11. Lisa says

    I cannot remember a time that I did not draw. One of my earliest memories is from preschool and drawing a picture of a doctor because that is what I wanted to be when I grew up then : )

  12. Sally says

    I can remember learning to draw a turtle when I was about 4 years old. My mom was an artist, but I never acquired her talent. However, one of my sons loves to draw.

  13. cam says

    I have drawn and doodled all my life, as early as I can remember. I still draw today, but not as often as I’d like. My kids both love to draw! My husband is a gifted artist and got his degree in studio art (graphic design). He & I became friends in our 9th grade art class in jr. high. :)

  14. says

    I’ve always been a drawer… I can’t remember my earliest time! I still love to doodle & draw today and my oldest daughter is definitely developing a love of drawing of her own.

  15. Amie says

    I loved drawing/coloring spring pictures with rainbows and flowers and drew it all the time. I do like to doodle a bit but really wish I was better at drawing

  16. Gaylene says

    I’ve always loved drawing silly characters but really took interest at age nine. I helped my dad study for college by drawing picture flash cards and drilling him with the cards I had made.

  17. Kelli A. says

    I remember drawing stars on the church bulletins as a kid, probably around 7 or so. =) I’m not much of a doodler today though.

  18. Michelle says

    I remember finishing my kindergarten work fast so that I could draw in the back of the paper. The really firt memory was when I was 3 drawing a mountain (really the letter m with a line in the bottom, but I believed I was drawing the biggest mountain!).

  19. melinda fritz says

    for christmas we get the big box of crayons withe sharpener on box and coloring books
    fun for hours. we were s o happy

  20. Kimberly says

    I remember being in the 3rd grade and admiring the drawings of the girl who sat next to me and thinking I wish I could draw like her. Now I know if I had simply started drawing I could have learned!

  21. Dianne says

    My earliest memory is sitting at my Grandma’s kitchen table drawing pictures of the farm animals. I like to sketch and make 3-D projects like pottery. I don’t do elaborate detailed drawings any more.

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