Learning the Books of the Bible

One of the goals of our children’s church is to have all the kids know the books of the Bible, how to find them in the Bible and key verses in each book. Since kids learn in so many different ways, we are trying to include activities that appeal to many different learning styles and abilities. Here are some of the resources we have been using to help memorize the books of the Bible:

Learning the Books of the Bible

Free Books of the Bible Printables:

1. You can see in the image above a rainbow-colored sign with all the Books of the Bible. This is a free printable from Children’s Ministry. I printed it out and used the colors to help make some of our other games.

2. Carisa from 1+1=1 has a free Books of the Bible lapbook to help young children learn their books.

3. Books of the Bible coloring pages.

4. Books of the Bible copywork from Amanda Pelser–both print and cursive.

Books of the Bible Games:

Bible Games

1. Books of the Bible Clothespins:

I found this idea on Pinterest and modified it a little.  I color-coded the clothespins using the colors from the printable from the Children’s Ministry. They are divided by types i.e. history, prophecy etc. and I also colored the end of all the Old Testament clothespins orange and the end of all New Testament clothespins pink.

Have an Old Testament hanger or twine to hang clothespins on, and a New Testament hanger or twine. Place all the clothespins in a bucket and have kids sort them in the right order.

2. Stacking Cups:

We also got this idea on Pinterest. We found cute little plastic glasses (they remind me of communion cups). Each book of the Bible is written on a cup. Kids can stack them in the correct order or line them up in the correct order. You can also make a line of cups and remove one from the order. Have students find the missing cup.

3. Bible Jenga:

Take a Jenga game and write the Books of the Bible on the pieces. Also write the number of the Book. Have kids stack in order.

4. Books of the Bible French Fry Sort:

Love this idea –would work well with older children.

5. Books of the Bible Wall:

Using (ad) cardboard blocks, add the name of each book of the Bible on a block. Have children build a wall of books in the right order. This is a great active game– you will need space though!

6. Many game ideas from Creative Sunday School Ideas. Printable Books of the Bible cards, Bible race games and more.

Books of the Bible Songs:

Our Children’s Church is using the following song as our summer theme song for learning the Books of the Bible:

We have been using many of these activities at home too. My 2yr. old – 11yr. old have been having fun learning the Books of the Bible! We are almost to our goal of memorizing the order. Then we will continue to use The Picture Smart Bible this school year to get an overview of the Bible. Do you have any creative ways to help kids memorize the Books of the Bible?

P.S. My friend Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations has a free prayer printable on her blog today! Be sure to check it out too!

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  1. Alissa says

    Where is the reverence for God’s Word in any of these songs? It’s a shame that Christians feel they have to bring so much of the world into teaching God’s Word in order to make it ‘fun’ for kids. We need to be teaching them the Holiness of His Word!!! God is Holy which means He is set apart…like no other!! We continually see children falling away from the church and the teaching they have grown up with and parents wonder why?? It’s because they aren’t seeing any difference between the way of the world and the life of a Christian believer. Such a shame….

    • Joyce says

      I completely agree with you. I am looking for ideas for my Sunday children’s class and found the songs on this site to be must disrespectiful. I wonder, if they bother me so much, how does God feel when he hears this trash! There is no reverence for God these days because God is no longer Holy in the eyes of the world.

      • Geri says

        Apologies for the length of this comment:

        Joyce and Alissa,

        I could not possibly disagree more with either of you. First, the point of these songs is not to teach the Bible in depth – they are to teach kids the books of the Bible, in order. How do you suggest kids learn these – rote memorization? Staring at a list on a piece of paper? Many of us are not blessed with the ability to memorize easily. Putting words to song helps us learn things – good things, which we have (Godly) desires to learn, but with which we may require some assistance. What would be the “holy” way for us to memorize the order of books, pray tell? If we put them to the same music as hymns, would it be holy enough? What about if we set them to the melody of more modern worship songs played on Christian radio – would that be holy enough? Or would that become “trash,” as you, Alissa, so humbly refer to it?

        Second, where has the “world” come into these songs (I’m assuming by “world,” you’re referring to sin, and not the globe)…does the “rap” beat of one of the songs make it worldly? I’m assuming you think so, because I didn’t notice any profanity, sexual references, or any other actually sinful items mentioned in the songs. How is a particular rhythm or musical arrangement “of the world,” and lacking in holiness? Are the Christians in Africa or South America who dance and worship God to fast, upbeat music just as terrible, since they’ve “degraded” their worship to a beat that’s “of the world”?

        Next, I question how you have set yourselves up as the arbiters of holiness. God is holy, set apart – absolutely! And He is amazing, and glorious, and majestic, and abounding in love. How should we communicate His holiness and majesty to our children? How should we encourage them to study His word, pour over His messages to us, marvel at His book…should we not do so in whatever form might engage or excite them? Would it be better for them to sit at a table and have their knuckles rapped with a ruler if they fail to list the books of the Bible in correct order? I would love to hear your version of teaching that reaches appropriate levels of reverence to God, since you seem to be on a higher plane when it comes to holiness sensitivity.

        Finally, do you honestly believe that songs specifically written to encourage children to memorize the order of the books of the Bible are the REASON THAT PEOPLE ARE FALLING AWAY FROM THE CHURCH?! Please excuse my all-caps question, but I am finding it difficult not to be incensed by your indignant, arrogant, and pretentious responses to these musicians’ sincere attempts to help children memorize the books of the Bible. The audacity to call these simple songs, listing the books of the Bible, “distasteful” and “trash”…words fail.

        Many people have fallen away from the church because those who claim the banner of Christ have utterly ignored His teachings on self-sacrificial love, humility, grace, mercy, and forgiveness…probably more than those who were turned off by Christian rap for children. The American church’s problem is not that our music videos looks like “the world’s” music videos, the problem is that our church members and believers look like the Pharisees – they clean up nice and put on a show of holiness for the people around them, but “pass by justice and the love of God” (Luke 11:42) and “load men with burdens hard to bear” (Luke 11:46). I am so thankful that Jesus came to the world not to condemn us, but that through Him we may be saved.

        Cheers to Maureen for attempting to spread the gospel and give us tools to teach our children about the Word of God.

        Rant over.

        • says

          Geri, I couldn’t agree more! God gave the gift of creativity and He longs for us to use that gift to glorify Him. These songs are fun and I see nothing in them that doesn’t honor our God? I believe He smiles as He watches these little ones have fun as they learn about their God of joy.

        • says

          Thank you Geri! I could NOT believe what I was reading! I was brought to this looking for a creative way for my kids to learn THE BOOKS OF THE BIBLE.
          Thank you. I got what I needed. Hope I’m “holy ” enough.

        • DEB says

          I don’t particulaly like rap or rock-type music myself. But…beiing in children’s ministry for almost 45 years, yes, 45, I know that children like this. They like the modern stuff, even if I don’t. So, to teach memorization, it works. I just do it and tolerate it. Why? For the kids. This is not for me, I know the books already. Also, it is not the Sunday school’s department, youth leaders or church’s responsibility to teach our children. It is the parents. So, as parents, choose your own way of doing it; don’t bash others if they do or don’t like it. If you don’t approve, okay. Find what works for you and something the kids enjoy. Think about Paul’s teachings about meat being offered to idols. If you eat it; do it in good conscience towards God, if you don’t, do it in good conscience towards God. Neither should bash the other’s beliefs.

  2. Corrie says

    These are great ideas. I’ve only ever used songs, but I love the idea of using other resources too.
    I think we’ll paint blocks with chalkboard paint. That way we can erase one book (or more) of the Bible and ask the kids to see what book is missing. Perhaps another idea would be to put the books on beads and make a necklace or other jewelry.

  3. says

    I love all the game ideas! It will be fun to incorporate them into lessons with my own kids, because I learned strictly by saying them over and over again – not so exciting. Thanks for the creative resources!

  4. says

    My 2yo LOVES the Bible Book Bop. She can’t say anything more yet than “bop, bop, bop” but she’ll listen to it again and again. Slugs & Bugs has a new one coming out, too, which is quite catchy after just a listen or two.

    I, for one, am thankful that God doesn’t expect us to relegate His Word to the depths of boredom and drudgery. Using music they love and enjoy lets them learn to love and enjoy the Word. I certainly don’t believe in watering things down, but I don’t see it written anywhere that fun music is unholy, either!

  5. Shelley says

    Thank you for posting all of these wonderful ideas! I was thinking about ordering the Picture Smart Bible curriculum (the K-3 edition) for my twin boys who are about to start K-4 homeschool. I saw that you had posted about this curriculum when you were starting it. Are you still a fan?

  6. MARTHA HICKS says


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