Gum in the Hair? Frog Blood? Gold Rush?- all part of our week!

This week we were able to have some science fun! My mother in law surprised us with a new microscope! It was on my wish-list since I saw the value of a nice microscope while teaching biology to my 9th grader. We pulled it out and looked at frog blood, a fly leg, human skin cell, and more. These all were from the prepared slide set we got with the microscope. I can’t wait to work more with it!


My younger girls started working again in their Elemental Science book. We started last year and then took a very long summer break–lol. We only have a couple more units until we are finished. This week they started learning about air. They made a fan, did several activities with a plastic straw and more. I really enjoy this curriculum for young children. The curriculum uses Science Play as one of the spine books, and it is filled with fun, easy-to-do science activities for young children.


Learning About Birds
We also have spent some time learning about birds. I need to go buy more bird seed so that we can easily view the birds from the comfort of our warm home. 😉 I am looking forward to warmer weather when we’ll head out to our local state park for more bird watching adventures!

Gum in Hair Removal

Life-School 101: When 2yr. olds chew gum, they will get it in their hair. Instead of pulling out peanut butter, or the scissors, I grabbed my lemon essential oil instead. It worked great getting the gum out and smelled good too! 😉 This is one of my daily go-to oils– not because we have lots of gum-in-the-hair accidents, but because it works great as a detox. I drop a drop in a glass of water each day as a daily detox.  I also use it in my homemade cleaning sprays. Such a versatile essential oil to have on hand!

Lexercise dyslexia tutoring

My daughter has continued with her Lexercise tutoring. I am so happy that her reading is improving! Not only that, her spelling and writing skills are improving too!

Gold Rush Todd Hoffman

My hubby even did some learning this week! He learned how to use Squidoo and wrote his first online article. Since he is a huge Gold Rush fan, of course he had to share what he’s learned from watching Gold Rush. Can you guess what he’ll be watching this evening?

Well that’s a recap on our week! How did your week go?

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  1. says

    This is a great post and I love the first collage picture with all of the girls’ faces. I hope you’ll consider adding this to the end of the week link up at HammockTracks.

  2. Angel says

    I have been adding lemon extract to my vinegar to clean with. Takes quite a bit. though. How much oil do you need to add to get a nice smell?

    • says

      I’m using lemon essential oil which is different than lemon extract. Lemon essential oil is stronger than an extract. I only have to use a couple of drops. Now it doesn’t have a lingering scent like commercial products, but it has a nice, clean scent when using.

      • Angel says

        that sounds good, I was hoping to find the oil but can only get the extract at the store. may need to order it, saw you sell it. I will see about doing that soon. Do you ever have specials on your oils?

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