Continent Hop – Geography Game

I am still in the homeschool planning mode. One thing we will be doing this year is geography. I’ve downloaded Expedition Earth from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler, and am working on getting our binder and materials ready. I’ll be pulling materials from various sources to make this a full year unit but using Erica’s plans as the bulk of the unit. She has everything laid out so nicely and I love the animal addition! I will have a review up in the next week or so. (You can see my resource list in my previous post: Geography Resources)

Since I will be teaching young ones too, I wanted to come up with some active activities for them so that they can have their own geography fun. I came up with “The Continent Hop” that I thought preschoolers/K would enjoy. There is a poem to help memorize the names of the continents and also little game where students hop to the continent called out. I hope that you find this useful! I’ll have to post pictures once the kiddos use this.

There are 2 downloads to complete the set. (UPDATED – Hopefully this download will work for you)
Continent Hop Download #1
Continent Hop Download #2

Optional version for this game:

Spread out the continent sheets on the floor.  Have one child throw an inflatable globe up in the air. Whatever continent his right hand is on, then everyone has to jump to that continent.


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  1. TheRockerMom says

    How awesome! If I hadn't already worked up our continents/oceans/planets lessons for this year, I'd use these. I may still use them in addition… thanks for sharing!

  2. Wendi says

    I've been trying to decide whether I should get Expedition Earth…it does look like it would be a lot of fun to do.

    Your Continent Hop game looks great! We just finished our first week of world geography, we studied the continents and oceans ~ and now I can't get the "Continents and Oceans" song out of my head from our Geography Songs resource (from our SL Core 2 stuff) :)

  3. Mozer says

    Hmm, I'm not sure why you are not able to access it. I was able to open it using Firefox with no problem. If you still can't access it, send me an email w/ your email (your email is not attached to your blogger profile) and I'll send you the download.

  4. The girl who painted trees says

    Thanks for the link. I love your printables. I'm going to use your oceans song since I didn't have one and actually had no clue about the Southern Ocean:)

  5. Anonymous says

    I am thinking on how I want to print these. I even thought of printing to T-Shirt Transfer paper (which I already have) and ironing them onto heavy fabric. Whatever I do end up doing I know these pages will be great to use for other activities as well. Thank you for sharing it for free for others to enjoy. Also, I just downloaded Expedition Earth and that is how I found your blog, etc.. Shannon at

  6. Sarah says

    Hi!! I am trying to download both files and it wont work for me…I am using firefox…can you email them to me please? Thanks hun!! :)

  7. Alecia says

    I would love to use these for our geography study of the world but cannot get the 2nd part to download — only Africa, Antarctica, and Asia came though. Would you mind e-mailing me the second part? Thank you so much for your work on this. It’s really spectacular!

    • Maureen says

      Those files are hosted on a site that I don’t control. Give me a day or two to locate the original on one of my hard-drives and I’ll upload it to my own site. I’ll email you when it is fixed.

  8. Jessica says

    I would love to have this but can’t seem to download either page. Would you mind emailing this to me? Thank you so much for everything!

  9. Jo Beekmeyer says

    I love this idea and can’t wait to use it with my 2 boys. But, as someone from New Zealand, I just thought I should say that the final continent in your poem should be Australasia (not Australia, which is a country within that continent)!! Please, don’t take this as a criticism – purely a comment :-)

  10. says

    This sounds like fun!I haven’t actually done the ‘official’ hop scotch game with my son, but every time I do a game like this, he thinkgs that’s what we’re doing and loves it!

    Thanks so much for sharing your creative ideas AND the resulting product from all your effort!

  11. vijaya says

    Thanks for the continent hop 1& 2 activities. I am going to use it for funderstanding programme my students are doing for their parents. They are going to enjoy this as much as my students.

  12. Anya Hintz says

    I am trying to open the continent #2 and t won’t open. The #1 is working fine. Is there anyway you could email them to me?
    Thank you,

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