10 Preschool Science Read Alouds

worm journal

Over the past year I've done quite a bit of science-focused activities with my preschoolers. We've had the opportunity to include many science picture books into our units. Here is a list of 10 of our favorite preschool science read-alouds from this year. We love the Are You an ... series by Backyard Books! We have read (afflink) Are You an Ant? and Are You a Butterfly? These books are wonderful to introduce animal facts in a fun way to younger children. (afflink)Garden Wigglers is a simple book that teaches all about worms. It introduces the parts of a worm and why worms are helpful. We … [Read More...]

Easy DIY lotion

Easy DIY lotion with Essential Oils

One of the main goals of my blog is to highlight things we have been learning about,to  showcase various educational activities, and to share tips, tricks and printables. Over the past two years my family has been learning about wellness and natural … [Read More...]

Top 10 Must-Have Items for Preschool Summer Fun

water and mud play for preschool

For most households, summer break is here or just around the corner. There are so many unique opportunities to capitalize on during this time of the year. Here is my must-have list for preschool summer fun activities: 1. Water: Whether it is at a … [Read More...]

Nocturnal Animals Sort

Nocturnal Animal Sort

Though we’ve been taking it easy this summer, we still are keeping up with our Letter of the Week activities. For Letter N week we learned about naps, night, and nocturnal animals! Here's our nocturnal animal activities for preschool: One … [Read More...]

Bible Bugs Scripture Coloring Pages

Bible Bugs scripture coloring pages

It's summer! It's also bug season. ;) We've been observing many creatures this summer and have plans to raise and study butterflies and ladybugs. Since we're learning about bugs, I thought it would be fun if we had some bugs share their favorite … [Read More...]

Neighborhood Nature Walks with Young Children

touching nature

One of my favorite ways to introduce science to my children is through nature walks. Nature walks allow for hands-on learning, observation, and conversation. Not only that, it allows my children to appreciate and have a love for their natural … [Read More...]